Using our disruptive powers for good

“Doctor, Mrs S is on the phone. She has a question about her biopsy tomorrow..”

On my calendar today I have a note to participate in the JACR’s first ever Tweet chat, the topic is disruptive physician behaviour. I imagine there will be some head shaking tales of colleagues who apparently were raised by wolves. I have certainly experienced that.

But disruptive behaviour doesn’t have to be negative. In the technology world “disruptive” has a much more positive context. So while we definitely need to address the issues of bad physician behaviour I think we need to channel our powers of disruption for good going forward. What if we disrupt the hackneyed perceptions of radiologists as grumpy and greedy? We might be surprised at how good it feels.

I contributed to a piece in Health Imaging magazine on patient engagement and among other things discussed how I routinely share my cell phone with patients. It’s printed on my business card. Why? Well a number of reasons, the primary which is totally selfish. I am so inspired by the interactions I have with my patients. They typically fall over themselves to thank me for being available and everyone likes positive feedback right? It also allows me to advocate for the right care and hopefully save the system from the costs associated with unnecessary imaging. It also helps me become a better communicator so that I can persuade patients who might otherwise not be willing to accept my recommendations to do so.

So yes, “please put Mrs S through…”