Radiology's past and future leaders

One of the most fun things that I do as the ACR's Commission on Economics Chair is a bimonthly virtual journal club with the members of the Resident and Fellow section. We take a few articles on a particular economics topics related to imaging and use them as a basis for discussion. Past topics have included pricing and how it influences behaviour in healthcare and the issue of utilization management comparing Radiology Benefit Managers with Decision Support tools.

We've had some great guest hosts and last night we were particularly honored to have Dr Ron Evens join us. Ron is a legend in radiology circles having become Chief of the prestigious Mallinkrodt Institute of Radiology at 31 and eventually going on to run the entire hospital.  He was the very first Economics Commission Chair for the ACR and also Chair of the Board of Chancellors.  This is a nice article about the history of the MIR with a great picture of  very young Ron and Sr Geoffrey Hounsfield

Ron gave us a fascinating historical perspective but his continued enthusiasm for teaching and the way he connected with the residents and fellows on the call was what was really inspiring for me. The evening ended on an amusing note when one of the residents offered me a very special thank you.